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October 2013

Good job Carson & Ron!
Carson Leary and his assistant did my annual inspection to day, furnace etc
Carson Leary
An amazing hard worker
Very honest
Explains every thing in a way that I can understand
Always cheerful and courteous
Good attention to detail
Carson Leary is a major asset to your company
Thank you carson for always being so helpful
Ron, carson's assistant also a good worker and very pleasant
Job well done, thank you bot

— Grania Vancouver BC

I want you to know what a wonderful service person you have in John. He is friendly, polite, patient and very kind!...he patiently worked with me to get everything working properly. I admit I hope he doesn't have to visit me again, but if he does, my dog (who adores John!) and I will always welcome him!

— Cathleen R.

I just had to let you know what a great company we think you are. I manage [4 apartment buildings] and just want you to know how professional your men are. From installing a new boiler to a minor leak. Today they fixed a leak...they go the extra bit to make sure it will not happen again. I deal with a lot of subtrades and I honestly can tell you, you can be proud of all your men, as I think I have dealt with them all including your receptionist which is excellent... I just thought you should know, I recommend them ever chance I get. Thank you.

— Joyce B.

July 2013

[Another company] came to clear our patio drains and one was draining very slowly. The technician said...they had to break up the patio concrete slab to fix it etc. etc. They wanted us to book them right away to do the work. Luckily this decision had to go to the Strata Council and we decided to get a second opinion. ...I had some plumbing work done by you recently and found that you do drains too. So Paul came out this week and cleared the drain without having to break up the concrete pad etc. So we were very pleased with his work. Thank you.

— Strata

Thank-you very, VERY much for your prompt response to our distress. My Mother spent Monday sleeping in her chair, breathing and wheezing laboriously, and her feet were so swollen that she could barely stand or walk. I was very worried about her.
Once the cool air kicked in today, she brightened up. The difference was amazing.
Next time, if there ever is one, I will have a better idea what to check on my own before calling.
I am glad I learned something new today.

— Peggy A.

March 2013

"My wife & I feel that Cory & Sheldon are a real asset to the Reid Brother's staff" Just wanted to share! All of you guys in the contract department are doing an awesome job !Thanks & keep up the good work : )

— Tremayne (a recent furnace installation customer)

It's been almost 7 months since you installed the new furnace in my house last September. You might remember that, after your initial visit and after I received your quote, I asked you to come back again and explain to me why you were recommending a smaller furnace than another company had suggested. I was satisfied with your explanation and asked you to go ahead with the installation.

I've been extremely happy with the new furnace and I'm writing to thank you for it. We noticed almost immediately that the house was much more comfortable than it had previously been: warmer and quieter, not just a little, but a lot. Moreover, the gas usage is down about 30%! My only regret is that I waited so long to replace the ancient furnace, but I can't blame you for that.

Thank you.

— Alan T. (via e-mail)

June 2012

"I write to express how pleased we are with the service provided by Kevin. His calm, analytical manner of dealing with problems saved us a lot of money. We believe a street water shutoff valve was failing; the valve was six feet down in a garden area. Kevin wanted to test first, but needed a special key. That key wasn't longe enough, took some time but eventually he got us a new long key. And guess what, the valve was not broken!!

Kevin showed me how to use the keys in an emergency and gave me a few pointers.

And if that isn't enough, he brought out a needed part for another plumber who was working on "no hot water" in the apartment building. That meant the people had hot water that night instead of waiting a day.

This young man is such a pleasure to deal with and smart too! Please extend our compliments to him."

— Suzanne B.

January 2012

"I would like to commend Reid Brothers for the excellent job that they have done. I was most impressed by the care and detail that went into the initial quote. The installation team arrived right on time and the whole process went without any problems. We also had our fireplace serviced by Reid Brothers and again I was impressed by the service I received.

I would highly recommend your company to any of my friends.

Again, thank you for a great job."

— Louise W.

September 2011

"It rained for weeks in July, but 50 boilers and hot water tanks were installed and all is well, efficient, and safe. The team work was excellent. Thank you all very much! (Last gas bill $32. Current $14)"

— Suzanne B.

March 2011

"Thank you for your helpfulness regarding our Navien water heater. It was definitely not an easy problem to correct and we very much appreciate your diligence and persistence. You were always very considerate and patient in looking for a solution and we appreciate it very much.

We are happy to say that the water heater is now considerably better - and we can shower without freezing or roasting!

Thank you very much for the consideration and diligence you showed to us and our Navien water heater."

Yours truly,
— Bruce and Margaret D.

January 2011

"I called your emergency number at 6:00 pm last night, New Year's Eve, because I had a non-functioning toilet in a one toilet house. I left my message for the "angel" on call and received a call back within about 5 minutes. The angel was Carson, who said he would be here in approximately half an hour. Good as his word, he arrived.

He was efficient, tidy, remarkably charming and dealt with the problem with grace and humour. And more to the point, he fixed it!!

You are so lucky to have employees of this quality."

— Anne W.

December 2010

"We wish to convey our appreciation for the work Ramon provided during the installation of our boiler. We have had a number of tradesmen work on various aspects of our home over the years. Ramon stands out as the most courteous and reliable person we have had through our house. He should be commended for his hard work throughout his days on this job, and we would not hesitate to recommend your company following our experience with him."

— CM & AM

October 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Reid,

"This is my second letter of thanks to your company, but yet again, I am so impressed with the service and the staff, I had to write.

Fifty gas-fired boilers and hot water tanks are in the process of being serviced at Arlington Grove Housing Cooperative in Champlain Heights of Vancouver. This work involves going into 50 homes and the Community Building to carry out the work. Not to mention, some of the problems that have been discovered.

Let me start with Lea, she told me how to schedule, emailed the plan and it is working smoothly. Then Carson, very personable young man. I don't know anything about the plumbing work, but this man sure has "people" skills. He kept me informed, kept the members happy and was most accommodating. He got Don P. to come and view some of the units with an eye to moving to tankless systems. Finally, John, who worked with Carson, always a smile on his face. John was great on protecting surfaces and leaving the work areas clean and tidy.

This kind of service, on top of the actual work, is wonderful!!!

My life was made easier. And the work is almost complete. Thank you so much on behalf of myself, the co-op, and the members."

— Suzanne B.

September 6, 2010 - (via E-Mail)

Hi Don,

"First off, I just want to say thanks for the professional job your crew did in installing the new boiler in our apartment. It was a pleasure dealing with them on site. I can’t recall dealing with a company that cleans up after themselves so well every day. And the unit looks great mounted on the wall like that. It’s hard to imagine that such small units can put out more heat than the massive unit we used to have...."

— Dave and Esther W.

December 5, 2009 - (via E-mail)

RE: Kudos for Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

"My hot water tank broke two days before my holidays last summer. Reid Brothers installed an "on call hot water system" while I was away. It was great to come home, find an up to date water system in place, the old water tank removed and my house spotless.

In October my furnace was making strange noises. I called Reid Brothers who recommended a high efficiency furnace by Trane. The old furnace was removed from the crawl space and the new one was installed. It worked beautifully.

A few days later I found one of my telephones not working. After some checking it turned out that a telephone cable in the crawl space had been ripped. When I called Reid Brothers they promised someone would be out early the next day. They came and fixed it in less than an hour. Once again there was no mess to clean up.

I had checked them with BBB - they had an A rating and they truly deserve it!"

— Rosemarie H.
cc: Better Business Bureau

July 6, 2009

Dear Reid Brothers,

"I wish to thank you for sending Brad to do some checking on the new furnace you had put in for me. He is an excellent worker and honest and charming as you all are! Thank you so much."

— Maria G., Vancouver, BC

June 5, 2009

Hi Don,

"Just wanted to thank you very much for your excellent service. You and everyone at Reid Bros have been so professional and responsive and I grately appreciate it. I am SO glad we got the aircon in when we did!"

Thanks again,
— Julie A., Vancouver, BC

May 25, 2009

"Thanks to you and Don for sending over Kevin (+ Mike) who did a stellar job on the installation of the new boiler in my home last week. That system is so impressive that it looks better than systems that I have seen in multi family apartment buildings that I have sold in my past. Thank you so much Bill. I very much appreciate the quality job done by your crew at Reid Plumbing."

Best Regards,
— Andrea E., Vancouver, BC

November 19, 2008

"Hi, Don, and all the people on your team,

I just got my gas bill for last month, it's only $83. I'm so thrilled to see that number, it is almost $400 less compare to the same period of time last year. Saving money is good, and saving energy is even better. And best of all, we have a warmer and safer home now. That's sweet, home, sweet home. Lol.

The flower you bought us is doing beautifully, thank you all."

All the best,
— Susan, Vancouver, BC

April 3, 2008

"I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for your outstanding service and attention to detail in recently servicing our ancient heating system - replacing pump and installing expansion tanks for an ancient system with gas furnace and cast iron radiators. After our previous service guy retired,

we were hoping to find a decent replacement, so we feel very lucky to have found Reid Brothers.

For the first and subsequent phone calls, Lea was great: helpful, efficient and friendly. I also particularly appreciated the expertise and proffesionalism of David, who came out on the second visit and was very knowledgeable and efficient. He also has great interpersonal skills, and I can imagine that he'd be an excellent ambassador for the company.

Finally, i was so impressed that you personally were available and willing to take time from your busy schedule, to talk to me about our furnace and potential issues. It was reassuring to find that you knew so much about old heating systems, and fantastic that you and David were able to diagnose and fix the problem. Some bosses never deal directly with clients, but I can understand better now why you firm is successful, given the personal touch that you apply to everything. We'll certainly be repeat customers, and I have already recommended your company to friends and neighbours.

Best wishes and thanks again,"

— Barry H. and Valerie W., Vancouver, BC

July, 2007

"I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the service provided by your company; and in particular Mark C. Arlington Grove and your office staff prioritize the work orders. Mark attends the various residences and gets the work done without problems. Mark is personable and easy going. This attitude makes my job much "easier". Dealing with housing co-operatives and their members can be challenging. We feel fortunate having Mark when we need him."

— Suzanne B, Director/Maintenance Co-ordinator,
Arlington Grove Housing Co-operative, Vancouver, BC

July, 2007

"I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to have Ryan and Brad working in our home. We found them to be very professional, yet gracious and personal, timely, efficient, and hard working. They were always considerate of our comfort in the midst of dust, dirt and destruction of the old furnace. Both Ryan and Brad seem exceedingly good natured, which I think is a real bonus to any employer."

— Donna F, Vancouver, BC

June, 2006

"Thanks to Gary for helping us out again, on short notice, just as we were leaving for holidays! We so appreciate the help you've given us over the years!"

— Sue & Don W. , Vancouver, BC

"We take this opportunity to express our thanks for your help and advice with this installation, and also wish to say we were impressed with your on site crew, who obviously take pride in their work and were a pleasure to have within our building."

— Strata VR86 Vancouver, BC

"I cannot believe the difference in the comfort level of the warmth over the past winter. On your recommendation I agreed to the extra fan being installed in order to circulate the air better in an effort to warm the ground floor better. I have to admit I had my doubts as to how successfull that would be but, again, it has been just terrific. The ground floor of this house has been cold for the 35 winters we have lived here! This year for the first time we have been able to venture downstairs without getting the chill of our lives!"

— Jean M, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you very much for the excellent service and attention to our heating needs and these installations. I found your advice to be careful and thoughtful, the timing of the job most cooperative and the installer very pleasant."

— Gordon H, Vancouver, BC

"I am happy to report that the Air conditioner is doing a fine job of keeping our house at 75 deg. I would think that the weather that we have been having is about as good a test as one can get. Thanks again for a first class installation."

— Clyde C, Vancouver, BC

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