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Water Heaters

Repair or replace, we are PLUMBING EXPERTS who can help with your water heater needs

Reid Brothers recommends Bradford White Tank Water Heaters and Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, but we service all brands. If it is time to replace your existing water heater, we can help you identify the type and size that best meets your needs.

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The links below will help you learn more about water heater types and how to keep your water heater operating efficiently. Contact us if you need water heater repair now or to inquire about replacement.

Learn About Water Heaters

Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating installs, services and repairs all types and sizes of gas and electric hot water tanks. It’s extremely important that home owners keep up with water heater repairs and ongoing service. Regular hot water tank draining and cleaning is a maintenance procedure often overlooked by homeowners.

Maintenance on water heaters is extremely important to avoid catastrophic failure, which can lead to water rupture, water damage, and overall a very bad day for you and your home. The clean-up, repair and replacement costs will far exceed the cost of recommended regular hot water tank maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for our water heater maintenance services, repair services, or you’re wanting to have a new tank installed, Reid Brothers is here to help. Our experienced and highly trained technicians have the skills necessary to assess each individual situation and provide the best recommendations and service, in as timely a manner possible.

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