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Building Repiping

Re-piping Overview


If your building is experiencing water pipe leaks, you are not alone. The problem of leaky water pipes has been a major concern to many apartment building owners, managers and residents for years. Regardless of the size of your building it’s simply a question of time before the expensive repair bills, the midnight water leaks, and perhaps most important the inconvenience to your residents will necessitate a complete re-piping of your existing water piping system.


The historic acidic water supply of Greater Vancouver produces a corrosive effect on copper piping and slowly dissolves the pipe wall causing the pipe wall to wear thin. Electrolysis, high velocity water flow and undersized piping are other reasons for pipe failure. The result is a plumbing system plagued with pinholes, leaks and in need of frequent costly repairs. The “band-aid” method of a rubber hose and clamp covering pinholes on the pipe is a quick-fix temporary solution. However, this method is most often short-lived.


If the building is experiencing frequent piping leaks, the next step is to contact Reid Brothers and arrange for a Reid Brothers Estimator to offer a detailed overview of your building’s current condition and potential solutions.